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The Written Word
deviation in storage by Eskoplja
deviation in storage by Eskoplja



To post about events happening in your group to our blog, you would have to be an affiliate. More affiliates are always welcome. :D

Rules for affiliating:
- Your group's theme must be somewhat related to ours (i.e. fantasy)
- Your group should have at least 50 members


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:bulletyellow:How I would define 'Lesser Known' :bulletyellow:
If you ask an average person on the street, chances are they will know what a Unicorn, a Vampire or a Dragon is. Considering the boost in films like Harry Potter they might even know what a Phoenix or a Basilisk is. Chances are though, the average person has never heard of a Selkie, a Manticore, or a Wyvern. These are the type of things I would call 'lesser known', and what this group is for.

There are creatures and myths that not many know of. Do not focus all your attention on the common beasts such as vampires and unicorns, look into the past and discover all the fascinating tales told by the people of yore!

This group will accept things such as:
:bulletyellow: Creatures from mythology
:bulletyellow: Interpretations of common monsters
:bulletyellow: Lesser known fairy tales and myths
:bulletyellow: Classic game monsters
:bulletyellow: Species from a show or movie
:bulletyellow: Even things from your own stories!

:bulletgreen: Follow Deviantart's rules, and there should be no problem!
:bulletred: Do not submit art that does not fit the groups theme
:bulletred: Do not submit art that isn't yours. If it was drawn for you by another artist, ask the artist to submit it to the group.
:bulletred: Do not spam the group, troll the group itself or the members, and just don't be a general nuisance.

:? FAQ :?

I'd like to join!
:bulletyellow: Great! Just click the big 'Join our Group' button in the toolbar there at the top, and you'll be automatically accepted! Then you can go ahead and start sharing your art!

Why was my art refused?
:bulletyellow: First of all, don't take it personally! We do not judge our submission by how skillfully they are created! If your art was refused, it is either because it does not fit the theme of the group, or you've just submitted it to the wrong folder.

:spotlight-left: SUGGESTIONS :spotlight-right:
Please feel free to voice your opinions and suggest things I can do to run the group smoother! Things like new folders, or new rules!

    :spotlight-left::star::star::star: MONTHLY CHALLENGE:star::star::star::spotlight-right:

    Look at me, being punctual for once!
    It's February, the month of loooove~ (apparently)
    Going with Cupid or Aphrodite would be a boring choice, so I thought I'd check out some other romance deities and I came across this handsome God, Kamadeva!
    ( I guess this goes without saying, but I have no way of telling if a God or Goddess is still worshiped today so if you think I am treating a deity disrespectfully please let me know. ;) )

    :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: CHALLENGE INFO :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:


    The description from the Wikipedia page:

    " Kāmadeva is the Hindu god of human love or desire... Kāmadeva is represented as a young, handsome winged man with green skin who wields a bow and arrows. His bow is made of sugarcane with a string of honeybees, and his arrows are decorated with five kinds of fragrant flowers. The five flowers are Ashoka tree flowers, white and blue lotus flowers, Mallika tree(Jasmine) and Mango tree flowers."

    Read the Wikipedia page for even more interesting info and stories:

    - - -

    Your depiction of Kamadeva!

    - The entry has to be created for this challenge
    - You have to be a member of the group to participate
    - Only one entry per member

    :bulletyellow:YOUR ENTRY:bulletyellow:
    1) Submit your entry to the group
    2) Leave a comment in this journal with a link to your entry

    :bulletred:CHALLENGE ENDS:bulletred:
    February 26th

    - 50 DeviantArt points to the winner!


    :bulletyellow::star:FEATURED MEMBER:star::bulletyellow:


    Hatchling by vladimirsangel
    Wild Strawbunny by vladimirsangel
    Jackelope Frost by vladimirsangel Velvet Season by vladimirsangel

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finiens Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just started a little campaign were the participants will get either free art or art trades from me. It would be great if you could advertise/promote it, so as much people as possible have the chance to participate.

Here is the [link] to the journal.
Shadowulf1 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Anybody here take requests?
Kitsunechann Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would something like this be of any use to your group? [link]
Malliya Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's certainly interesting!
Since it's not specifically fantasy I suppose it goes against the groups rules, but then also it could be used for fantasy characters...
I say go ahead and submit it, I'm sure it will help someone out! :D
Kitsunechann Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm using it for fantasy characters of my own, if that makes a difference XD Thanks! Which folder should I put it in?
Malliya Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
The Written Word would be the place! :D
Starfighterace-421 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Student General Artist
When will the next contest be announced?
Malliya Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm running late with it again, thanks for reminding me. :)
Starfighterace-421 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Student General Artist
OllyChimera Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hello, I'm asking people for input on an Iron Artist Challenge I'd like to start.
The theme I have chosen is "Magic: The Gathering." What I need are names, the types, and colors of creature cards from any sets before Scars of Mirrodin (2008). I want suggestions of cards I've never seen before so it doesn't influence my take on the card art.

People who are unfamiliar with MTG can still help by searching MTG card sets and picking out interesting sounding creature cards. The reason being is that I don't want to look up card sets myself for names, etc., and spoiling my vision of the card by accidentally seeing the official art for it. What I'm looking for is the name, creature type, color, and flavor text (if any) of a creature card. For example: "Name: Avacyn, Angel of Hope. Creature type: Legendary creature - Angel. Color: White. Flavor Text: A golden helix streaked skyward from the Helvault. A thunderous explosion shattered the silver monolith and Avacyn emerged, free from her prison at last."

This is a personal challenge and I'd like the ideas posted in my journal so I can keep them together and update the list. I can't start without a full list, so please help me! The journal entry is here: [link]

Thank you!
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